La Vida Mexico

…At The Inn At San Pancho

What Happened….Stage Two

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The Inn is successful. You are running it as if you were born to be an innkeeper.  Because you are alone, because your husband has taken what he thinks is his rightful due, you are also very worried about money. Well, truthfully, you have spent your whole life worrying about money. You were told by a friend a few years back that the definition of insanity is the fear of not getting what you want, and losing what you have.  Based on this, you know yourself to be crazy.

Of course, crazy does not slow you down. Crazy spurs you on.  In addition to managing the inn, you are offering an airport pickup service to your guests and have teamed up with a couple of friends in a new consultation business.  Because the three of you have built your own houses in San Pancho, you reason you can, with Beto’s assistance, build everyone else’s as well.  Hence the name – Build Mexico – which came to you in the shower and is so good – or so the three of you think – that if the business fails, you can recoup any losses by selling the name!

Building houses and dreams seems a natural fit for you and your ego knows no bounds. You readjust architectural plans, landscape gardens (yes, you who killed spider plants and fields of wildflowers), advise on land rights and bank trusts and staffing. You give guided tours of the pueblo to inn guests, weaving survival tales of lost love and paradise found. You crawl through the jungle and up the sides of mountains, the sun drilling a hole through the middle of your skull, telling the faithful Beto where your client’s pool should go and how large their closets need to be.

You are spinning plates like an old hand and so far none of them have bashed you in the head.  You are ducking and weaving and paying your bills. You partner Tory is encouraging. She advises you not to worry which is like telling Helen Keller she can be a trapeze artist.  She promises she will always be there for you. This comfort from a friend who has put a lot of money into your dream makes you weepy sometimes. But you are mostly scared out of your mind. Without planning it you, a lover of solitude, have never lived alone. Perhaps, it is this, this living alone for the first time in your life, and not Mexico, that will turn out to be The Last Great Adventure.


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